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LAVClock is an astrological digital clock that extends or replaces the standard Windows clock.
  Easy access to short-term personal astrological forecast, calculated based on your DOB and the present positions of the planets.
  Built-in the lunar calendar of the haircut, lunar calendar of the fisherman and for lunar calendar plants.
   The multifunctional alarm clock allows you to schedule anything you can think of, ranging from running a computer program, playing a sound and displaying a message to system events like power off, start a screensaver and others.
  The automatic time synchronization will assure that you are always on time with selection of time servers and adjustable mode of the time synchronization.
There is possibility to synchronize the time via the proxy servers.
LAVClock have the time server.
  The Moon, Sun and the planets are shown graphically, in their positions on the horizon as they appear in your location.
  LAVClock shows rise/set times of heavenly bodies, twilight, positions in the zodiac, lunar days, nearest new moons and full moons and much more.

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Last version: 2.8.1 ShareWare

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The registration fee for LAVClock is only $14.95

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